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Eyelash Extension Singapore

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. Besides framing them with a set of well-groomed brows, beautiful lashes also play an important role in adding definition to your eyes. At Arch Angel Brow, you can achieve the lashes of your dreams through:

1) Eyelash Perming,

2) 6D Eyelash Extensions and

3) Natural Eyelash Extensions.

Our beauty consultants will offer their professional advice based on the density and length of your natural lashes as well as the shape of your eyes to minimise any flaws and bring out their beauty. The process is painless and doesn’t cause any irritation. Say hello to long, lush and natural-looking lashes!

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are attached to your natural eyelashes to create long, luscious lashes and add definition to your eyes. At Arch Angel Brow, our highly experienced lash specialists are trained to use professional lash glue and lashes of various lengths, curls and thicknesses to cater to every customer’s personal preferences.


Eyelash Extensions



Experience the epitome of lash finesse with our Strand by Strand Eyelash Extension. With unwavering precision, individual lash extensions are meticulously affixed to your natural lashes, enhancing both their length and volume. This technique is tailored for those who embrace the understated elegance of a natural look, all while seeking a reduction in their daily makeup We aim to not only deliver flawless results but also celebrate the elegance of subtlety. Through our semi-permanent approach, we meticulously craft eyebrows that seamlessly harmonize with your individual facial attributes, utilizing 100% natural botanical pigments sourced exclusively from Korea.




Enhance your allure with the discreet power of eyeliner embroidery. The technique that lies at the heart of captivating, expressive eyes. By subtly refining your waterline, bridging the interstitial spaces among your lashes, and conjuring the illusion of luxuriant lashes and more luminous eyes, you can effortlessly embody the sought-after “no-makeup” yet meticulously polished aesthetic.

However, the advantages extend beyond aesthetics. Embracing this semi-permanent innovation simplifies your daily beauty regimen, granting you the luxury of awakening each morning to a visage that exudes natural freshness and charm. The era of laborious eyeliner application becomes a thing of the past, replaced by the grace of awakening to a state of inherent elegance.

Why Choose Arch Angel Brow for Eyelash Extensions?

Arch Angel Brow is your trusted destination for top-quality eyelash extensions in Singapore. Our experienced technicians focus on precision and personalised service, ensuring your eyelash extensions look natural, beautiful, and comfortable. We take pride in providing the best eyelash extensions near you, enhancing your eyes with care and expertise.

Ready to transform your lashes into a captivating, natural-looking masterpiece? Book your appointment with Arch Angel Brow, your premier destination for natural eyelash extensions in Singapore.


Eyelash extensions are individual lashes made of silk, mink, or synthetic materials meticulously attached to your natural lashes. This technique enhances the length, thickness, and curl of your lashes, giving you a fuller and more glamorous look.

“Eyelash Strand by Strand Extension” refers to our precise technique of applying extensions. Each lash is carefully attached strand by strand, ensuring a seamless and natural look. This meticulous method provides a customised solution, enhancing your unique eye shape and natural lash pattern.

No, eyelash extensions should not be painful when applied correctly. Our skilled technicians at Arch Angel Brow use a gentle and non-invasive process. You may experience minor discomfort during the procedure, similar to having your eyes closed, but overall, the experience is relaxing and pain-free.

Eyelash extensions typically last for several weeks with proper care and maintenance. Natural shedding of your lashes and daily activities can influence the duration. Regular touch-ups are recommended to maintain the fullness of your lashes, ensuring a consistently stunning look.

Our eyelash extension pricing is competitive and reflects the quality of our services. For detailed information on eyelash extension prices and packages, please visit our Eyelash Extension Prices page.

Yes, we specialise in natural eyelash extensions that enhance your lashes without looking overly dramatic. Our natural eyelash extensions are meticulously applied to achieve a subtle yet noticeable effect, emphasising your eyes’ natural beauty.